In Praise of Mary Brooks…

November issue of Kentucky Monthly Magazine.

November issue of Kentucky Monthly Magazine.



Here is some feedback on James D. La Rue Jr.’s book, Mary Brooks: Portrait of a Kentucky Pioneer, Granny Woman, Family Matriarch:

“Great read. Good history lesson. Flows well. Easy to read. Very fact-filled.”
— Jeff Hughes, Bardstown.

“Very interesting. Do not want to put it down when I start reading. Congratulations, Jim! You did a very good job.” — Juanita Enlow, Hodgenville.

“I almost feel like I know Mary Brooks, the way she lived as a Pioneer on the Kentucky frontier and her family. Even more interesting, is that she was “the granny woman” I remember hearing about concerning Lincoln’s birth, when I was growing up in Hodgenville. I am sad that I’m almost finished with it, but look forward to reading it again! Kudos for a wonderfully written and extremely interesting book!”
— Betty Bradbury Boone, Santa Fe, Texas.

“I really liked Mary Brooks! I wish La Rue County history had been taught in school at some point because it’s so interesting and important. Now, I will pay much more attention to historical markers!” — Jana Downs Sturm, Frankfort.

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